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Remembering Carroll Ann Hodges


A ceremony in Remembrance of Carroll Ann Hodges will be held at the:


Woodside Town Hall

 March 31, 2019  |  2:00pm - 5:00pm.


Southwestern attire is suggested. We hope to see the community in attendance.


Diva, Sting and Top Top named 2018 Horses of the Year!

At the conclusion of each year, the top scoring horse in each United States Equestrian Federation (USEF) category of competition is named "Horse of the Year." This year - 2018, three horses owned by Woodside residents have won a total of four Horse of the Year titles, three in vaulting and one in jumping. 


Atterupgaards Sting, a 12-year-old Danish Oldenberg gelding owned by Jim and Linda Bibbler, was named Horse of the Year for the individual vaulting category. Sting, who began vaulting in 2015, has been named Individual Horse of the Year for the last three years and in 2017 also won in the pas de deux (or pairs) category.


Diva 506 is an Oldenberg mare imported from Germany in 2017 by Sydney Frankel, longtime Woodside resident and pillar of the vaulting community. For 2018, Diva captured two Horse of the Year titles in the pas de deux and team categories. Diva also came in second in the individual category.


Top Top and owner/rider Sara Jorgensen bested 748 other competitors to win Horse of the Year and Rider of the Year in the amateur owner 1.30 to 1.35 meters (or 4 feet, 3 inches to 4 feet, 5 inches) jumping division. Top Top was also honored for 2018 by the Pacific Coast Horse Shows Association and the Northern California Hunter Jumper Association, and received a Lifetime Achievement Award from the Belgian Breeder's Association.


"I'm so proud of him. To say the least, 2018 was good for us," Jorgensen said.

Read the full article in the Almanac:


Sara Jorgensen | Tip Top
Sara Jorgensen | Tip Top
Liz  | Sting - Flag 2018 Nationals
Liz | Sting - Flag 2018 Nationals
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To all equestrians, current and future Members of the Wunderlich Arena at Folger Barn:


Effective December 1, 2018, ware extending Wunderlich Arena hours to the public as follows:

Monday and Wednesday: 1 pm to 5 pm

Tuesday and Thursday: ato 12 pm

Saturday: 8am to 10 am


Wunderlich Arena Membership Required:

Equestrians of the public, who like to ride in the arenawill need a Wunderlich Arena Membership.

  • The Annual Membership is $120 for 2019 if you apply on or before January 15, 2019.  
  • After January 15, the annual fee will be $130.
  • Get your membership now and ride for free in December 2018!


How Do I Become a Member?

Membership application forms, rules and a monthly calendar can be obtained online at or at the front of the Arena at Wunderlich park.  

Membership applications need to be fully completed and must include copies of vaccination records for your horse(s) and can be sent by mail or dropped off at:

4040 Woodside Road, Woodside, CA 94062


Approved members will receive a lanyard to be worn when using the arena.


Questions, concerns, feedback can be sent


Together, we keepWunderlich Arena a fun, safe environment for members,boarders, clients and the general public and tirelessly promote the enjoyment of horses for everyone in Woodside and neighboring communities.  

We look forward to welcome you as a member of the Arena at Wunderlich Park!  


Thank you for your support!

-Chaparral Ranch          


-Friends of Huddart and Wunderlich Park


Winners of the 2018 Day of the Horse Drawing!


Starbucks–––Josh Griffith

Firehouse Bistro–––Colleen Combes

Bucks Restaurant–––Bob Garcia

Mountain House–––Peter Brown

Tractor Supply–––Deborah Vasquez

Ladera Garden–––Adeline Forrest

                                    -Kate Cameron

                                    -Rob Krensky

Redwood Grill –––Cheryl Basin

Alice’s Restaurant –––Ramona Martinez

Little Store–––Bonnie Sterngold

Dover Saddlery–––LeeAnn Meyers

                                    -Michelle George

V&V RV & Trailer –––Laura Azzaro

                                    -Karen Gregory

                                    -Christine Friis

                                    -Susie Dorsey

                      -Veronica Piciafuoco   

                      -Anne Gadd

Pt. Reyes B&B–––Chris Seals

Woodside Bakery –––Jackie Nicholson

Sheraton – Palo Alto–––Martha Dunn

Peter Bullock Ride–––Beth Murray

Cash –––Noreen Ikeuye

Cash–––Kermit Clayton

Single costumes:
1. Annie Tyo
2. Mike Tyo
3. Alta Smith

Card winners:
1. Betty Johnson
2. (a) Joy Perezchica
2 (b) Mary Winby
3. Ann Gadd 

The “Costume Pairs" winners: 
1. Alison Curletto and Kim Berry
2. Alison White and Laura Paton



Annie Tyo -1st Singles
Annie Tyo -1st Singles
Annie Tyo-1st Singles
Annie Tyo-1st Singles
Mike Tyo - 2nd Singles
Mike Tyo - 2nd Singles
Mike Tyo -2nd Singles
Mike Tyo -2nd Singles
Alta Smith w/Colleen Combes as a prop 3rd Singles
Alta Smith w/Colleen Combes as a prop 3rd Singles
Debbie Stuart -3rd place runner up Singles
Debbie Stuart -3rd place runner up Singles
Alison Curletto and Kim Berry - 1st Costume Pairs
Alison Curletto and Kim Berry - 1st Costume Pairs
 Alison White and Laura Paton - 2nd Costume Pairs
Alison White and Laura Paton - 2nd Costume Pairs
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