Woodside is Horse Country

WHOA! Hall of Fame


Year Awarded: 2007


Horses and kids—one of Mother Nature’s most inspiring and successful partnerships! Another inspiring and successful partnership is found at Woodside’s Kiely Equestrian Center where Kathi Dancer and Marty Raynor work together sharing the many responsibilities of the Junior Riders Program. With Kathi as Horse Manager and Marty, Program Manager, they procure, maintain and organize horses, ponies, tack, volunteers and donations to provide mounts, instruction and horse show experience to one hundred youngsters each and every summer!


Year Awarded: 2005


Ursula Eisenhut has been a tireless advocate for horses, barns, and trails ever since moving to Woodside in 1959, but her most significant contribution to the equestrian community was as organizer, chairman, and all around den mother of the Junior Riders for 42 years. The Junior Riders program has introduced many a youngster to the lifelong joy of riding and owning horses, and it remains a much anticipated and beloved summer program for kids with and without horses of their own.


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WHOA! Sponsor Pinup

arrow.jpgWHOA!'s pinup of the year, head trainer Daniel Zilla and Conti, one of the Holsteiner breeding stallions of Branscomb Farm.  On 74 coastal acres near Woodside, Branscomb Farm offers pasture-raised and carefully started young horses of the finest German bloodlines as well as young horse training, boarding and equine repro services.

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