Woodside is Horse Country

Show Hunters

Hunters should display the manners and qualities best suited for a ride to the hounds. A Hunter course is designed to simulate stonewalls, hedges, post and rail fences, and other obstacles found in the hunting field. The horse should be attractive with correct and proportional conformation. Horses are perfectly turned out with their manes and tails braided. The horse’s movement is an important part of the presentation. He should move freely with little action or bending of the knees, be light and graceful across the ground, and look relaxed with a long, low neck, ears forward and alert.

Judging a Hunter begins the moment the horse and rider enter the ring and continues until they leave. This is his “ round.” During a horse’s opening circle the judges get their first look at the horse. The original turnout is very important.


Crown Affair’s multi-discipline success is unusual, but it doesn’t surprise followers of sporthorse breeding bloodlines and results. Crown’s sire is Cor de la Bryere, one of the world’s top show jumping stallions. His athletic abilities, jumping form and correct conformation are mirror images of his sire, as are Crown’s easy-going temperament, work ethic and desire to please.


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Many boarding opportunities exist, ranging from small private facilities to larger and public options.

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