Woodside is Horse Country


It is an event which comprises dressage, cross-country and show-jumping.

This event has its roots as a comprehensive cavalry test requiring mastery of several types of riding. It has three main formats, the one day event (ODE), two day event and the three day event (3DE). The sport was once referred to as "Militaire", and there is such a format that riders complete all three events in one day, called a "horse trial".


For general donations or Day of the Horse sponsorship you may process the payment online through the Woodside Community Foundation - the fiscal umbrella for WHOA!




(for Day of the Horse sponsorship, please put "DOTH" in the message field on the form)


WHOA! Sponsor Pinup

arrow.jpgWHOA!'s pinup of the year, head trainer Daniel Zilla and Conti, one of the Holsteiner breeding stallions of Branscomb Farm.  On 74 coastal acres near Woodside, Branscomb Farm offers pasture-raised and carefully started young horses of the finest German bloodlines as well as young horse training, boarding and equine repro services.

Board Your Horse in Woodside

Many boarding opportunities exist, ranging from small private facilities to larger and public options.

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