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Woodside Trails Legacy Award


Year Awarded: 2009


The Town of Woodside Trails Committee was pleased to present to Bob O'Neil the 2009 Trails Legacy Award. Bob dedicated himself to preserving and enhancing the trail system in Woodside. A resident of Woodside since l967, Bob served as treasurer of the Woodside Trail Club, as well as the club's membership chairman. In addition, Bob served numerous times as the announcer at the Mounted Patrol horse shows, and served as the jump judge at the Horse Park. Bob passed away in 2016.


Year Awarded: 2007


In 1911, Mortimer Fleishhacker purchased 75 acres of property in the then rural community of Woodside. He commissioned Charles and Henry Greene to design a beautiful country estate for his family, and they spend a number of years on the project. A lover of a good pun, Mortimer Fleishhacker named the estate "Green Gables". They welcomed and supported the local horse community and the trail in the rear of the property goes back to those early years. 


Year Awarded: 2006


Much of the trail access, facilities and just plain fun enjoyed by all equestrian and horse lovers in and around Woodside can be traced to the vision and decades of dedication of Richard M. Delucchi- a passionate horse lover who’s been riding horses and his beloved mules since the early 1930’s.


A native San Franciscan, Rich is the definition of self-starter having started his own contracting firm at age fifteen! In addition to becoming a widely respected contractor and land developer, Rich also ran a dairy ranch for eight years during the 1940’s before finally settling in Woodside in 1951 with his wife, Blanche, and their daughters, Doreen, Claudette and Susan.


Year Awarded: 2005


It is a great pleasure and honor for the Town of Woodside to present the first Woodside Trails Legacy Award to Howard Boone for his outstanding contribution to the Woodside Trails. Howard moved to Woodside in 1960 and has since dedicated endless hours working to preserve, maintain, improve and expand our public and private trail system.


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