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Our Mission

Woodside-area Horse Owners Association (WHOA!) advocates for the preservation of the fundamental role of horses in maintaining the rural character of Woodside and surrounding communities. WHOA! supports equestrian causes and events to promote the enjoyment of horses.

Our Vision

WHOA! envisions a Woodside area replete with horses and horse activities for both horse owners as well as the general public. The rural landscape and network of trails are preserved, including public and private horse properties.

organizing events

We advocate awareness and appreciation of horses, and celebrate the rich equestrian heritage of the Woodside area, by organizing annual public events.

facilitating communication

We facilitate communication among equestrian organizations, and coordinate action on significant issues affecting the keeping of horses and the maintenance of trails. We enhance communication between equestrians and non-equestrians​.

Promoting safety awareness

We inform residents and visitors about the safety concerns of horsemen and about trail etiquette.

Preserving Trails and Equestrian facilities

We preserve the rural ambience of the Woodside area by promoting the restoration and maintenance of horse habitats and trails.

WHOA! works on its own and with other organizations to protect and celebrate Our Horses

Our History

The seeds of WHOA! were planted around a dinner table in 2000, when a group of equestrians agreed that a community-based association would help maintain the unique horse-friendly aspects of the area. Our equestrian trails, for example, are considered one of the best rural residential trail systems in the country. From that first meeting, it was decided that WHOA! could provide resources, activities and opportunities to make life around horses a pleasure for riders and non-riders alike.

WHOA! operates under the fiscal umbrella of the Woodside Community Foundation (WCF), a 501(c) 3 organization, federal tax I.D. # 94-6108531. The Woodside Community Foundation was pleased to embrace the WHOA! cause, which is consistent with their 50-year-old mission to preserve the rural character of Woodside and the surrounding area.

WHOA!'s impact in the Community

Funds raised each year through the Day of the Horse has allowed us to gift over $325,000 to equestrian projects and programs.

Receive an Art of the Horse 2021 Calendar

Donate $15 or more to WHOA! and
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For additional funds, you can specify how many calendars you would like to receive, in the “comments” section on the donation form.

If you are local, we will contact you to arrange for pick up. 

Contact WHOA!

2995 Woodside Rd. Suite 400-466, Woodside CA 94062

We will respond as soon as we can!