Art of the Horse – Request for Submissions

Submit up to 3 Pieces

Established during our 15th anniversary event in 2019, the Woodside Art of the Horse features the creative work of artists from the greater San Francisco Bay Area. 
We invite you to submit up to 3 pieces for inclusion. Deadline is September 30, 2020. (NEW DEADLINE!)


Select Your Favorite 12 Pieces

New in 2020 we are inviting you to select your favorite 12 pieces to be included in the WHOA! 2021 calendar and note cards. These will be great gifts for the holiday season!
All of this is happening online – enjoy the artwork all year round and help support artists that bring so much “color” to all of our lives.

The Voting will begin October 1, 2020 so check back then to cast yours.

CZU August Lightning Fires Assistance


Project Description

WHOA! is eager to assist our friends and neighbours who are suffering during these fires. We have donated $10,000 to help feed and care for the displaced horses that need our care.

Funding Provided


Center Trail Bridge Project

WHOA! is proud to have donated $25,000 of the $200,000+ needed to construct the new clear span bridge and trail segment that reopened in July 2020 to once again access this important Woodside trail.

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WHOA! Donates $25,000 for the Central Trail Bridge project

Several years ago, there was a washout/slide on Bear Gulch Creek that closed the Center Trail, one of the most important trails in Woodside. The Center Trail Bridge replacement project was initiated and has now been completed and is open for equestrian use. Just this week, the contractor finished installing the bridge, building the new access trail to the bridge and fixing the fence along the west side of the trail. 

Here is a list of all the generous donors who participated in making this happen!

  • Woodside Trails Club – $85,850
  • Woodside Trails Committee Donation Fund – $50,000
  • WHOA!-Woodside Horse Owners Association – $25,000
  • Mounted Patrol Foundation – $15,000
  • Woodside Community Foundation-Trails Fund – $10,000
  • CHAPS-Community Horse Advocacy Program SMC – $5,000
  • Anne Van Camp – $5,000
  • Tom Shanahan – $5,000
  • Don Pugh – $1,000

TOTAL: $236,850

WHOA! Steering committee members, Kristina Chancholo and Anne Van Camp with the check to the Town of Woodside for $25,000.