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Center Trail Bridge Project needs your support!


Please show your support for the Center Trail Bridge Project in Woodside.


WHEN: January 28 at 7:00pm
WHERE: Independence Hall, 2955 Woodside Rd., Woodside, CA 94062

The Woodside Town Council will be discussing and voting on the next steps required before the Town of Woodside can proceed on this project.  

  • Town Engineer, Sean Rose, is scheduled to present to the Town Council and request the following:
    • Approval of the final design for the project
    • Contribution from the General Fund for a maximum of $35,000, based on a “not to exceed” amount of $200,000 for the project.
    • Approval to proceed with bid solicitation

FUNDING: The equestrian community has pledged $115,000 for this project. The Trails Committee voted to approve using $50,000 from the Trails Committee Fiduciary Funds, which have been donated by the equestrian community over the past years.

SUPPORT: If you are unable to attend this important meeting, please send a letter or email your support today.  Your voice matters.  

Kevin Bryant, Town Manager


Town Council Members:



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