Anne Van Camp

What do you love about horses in Woodside?

As a resident of Woodside, I love that so many organizations AND the town have the best interest of horses and equestrians in mind. Having Wunderlich, Huddart AND the Horse Park, literally in our back yard, is just amazing. In addition, I LOVE the unique trails system, both public and private. I love the numerous equestrian specialties represented in Woodside and am hopeful that horses will continue to be present in Woodside in the future.

What kind of riding do you do?

My husband and I do mostly trail riding with occasional dressage lessons in the ring at our home, and attend various clinics. Occasionally, we trailer to discover other places and enjoy new experiences. I’m interested in doing obstacle courses and going to a clinic soon.

What is your favorite equestrian experience, or favorite horse story?

Where else can you ride your horse to work? I have been volunteering for many years at NCEFT and frequently ride my horse, Prime Delivery, from our house to the ranch on Runnymede, have him in a paddock while I do my volunteering tasks, then ride him back home. Being part of their program and seeing what the connection of horses can do for children and adults is a true privilege.

Tell us something about you and horses…

I was introduced to horseback riding while teaching at sports camps in Belgium and rode dressage, together with my husband, both in our early 20s. Now, in our late 50s, our daughter presented a 5-session riding class at Webb Ranch, as a Mother’s Day gift. The rest is history and we are fortunate to own a private barn in downtown Woodside.

Is there anything else you’d like to include?

My dream for the horse community in Woodside and surrounding area is that the many organizations can continue to work together, streamline their efforts and funds, and preserve this unique place for future equestrians.