Faye Brophy

What do you love about horses in Woodside?

Woodside has always represented a rural setting which is hard NOT to love! Horses typify this area with its existing pastures, barns and riders going down its town trails.

What kind of riding do you do?

I am strictly a trail rider who feels so grateful for all the wondrous wilderness trails among the redwoods and California oaks in our coastal mountain range, so readily accessible without the use of a trailer.

What is your favorite equestrian experience, or favorite horse story?

Mine is simply having gotten into riding in my mid 50’s. I was and am still thrilled to ride from the barn, up into Huddart Park along woodland trails up to Skyline surrounded by all the coastal flora. It’s still a thrill to me, especially having experienced so many other riding experiences. We are so lucky to have the trails here that we do!

Tell us something about you and horses…

Having not made the wisest choice to get a very young horse as my 2nd horse, I have now personally experienced what it means to understand the difference between raising dogs and horses. Most dogs will learn because they basically, instinctively trust humans and are so willing to please. Humans need to earn the trust from horses, before the horse can learn. It’s this trust that allows humans (who are 10-20% the size of a horse) to communicate with and train such a large beast.