Kathleen DiZio

What do you love about horses in Woodside?

I love the peaceful ambiance, sense of tradition and community horses bring to Woodside. The beautiful landscapes and equine culture combine to make horse-related activities a source of relaxation and enjoyment. In the fast-paced world of the Bay Area today, it is important to pause and think about the ways in which we can preserve the special connection that Woodside has with horses.

What kind of riding do you do?

Trail riding.

What is your favorite equestrian experience, or favorite horse story?

As a youngster, galloping astride my bareback horse, dropping the reins, putting my arms out, and closing my eyes.

Tell us something about you and horses…

I have a lifelong passion for horses. Horses give me immense joy and connection. I love that they always require you to be mindfully present. This creates a state of flow when I’m with a horse. My goal is to be an ambassador for these amazing animals.