Hollie Kucera


Hollie Kucera, from Atherton, California. added to a winning year in the $10,000 Amateur division by winning the 2008 World Finals with a 219-point run on Cici Slippin. She finished the year with a total of $15,660.

Hollie was also named Rookie of the Year at the finals, held Feb. 14 2008 in Amarillo, Texas.

“Its been pretty darn exciting,” said Kucera of school and cutting competition. “She (Cici Slippin) has taken me everywhere I needed to go. It’s not stress on me, its stress on her. She’s been out there working.” Kucera became interested in cutting through rodeo competition in high school, and has owned 11-year old Cici Slippin, a mare out of Peppys Deliverance, since the horse was a 4-year old. “I’ve been doing a little bit of cutting through my four years of high school, but not seriously,” said Kucera. “This is my first year of really hauling seriously, and I’ve learned so much.”

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