Carroll Ann Hodges

Year Awarded - 2017

WHOA! presented their 2017 Hall of Fame Award to long time Woodside resident, Carroll Ann Hodges. Carroll Ann hails from Austin Texas, where she attended undergraduate school at the University of Texas. After a Masters degree from the University of Wisconsin in Geology, she earned a PhD. in Geology from Stanford University in 1966. Carroll Ann subsequently worked for USGS (US Geological Survey) in Menlo Park.

From an early age, horses were a major part of Carroll Ann’s life, but she knew when she arrived in Woodside to attend Stanford that she had found the place she wanted to live and ride. She trailered her horse behind her red Ford Mustang which she had bought to match her red single horse trailer! Red was Carroll Ann’s favorite color and all her purchases reflected this! Carroll Ann could be seen most days riding her horse, Mr. President, along the town trails, and was a passionate advocate for new and existing trails in Woodside.

In 1977 she built her house and 2 stall barn. Carroll Ann volunteered for the Town of Woodside and spent 40 years supporting the Town in all its efforts to enhance the community. She was a member of the Woodside Planning Commission, and the Town Council . She took her role on the Town Council seriously and did “her homework” the night before each Town Council Meeting. She had a major role in creating the Open Space Committee to preserve the more wild and rural atmosphere in Woodside, and was also a founding member of the WHOA! group from whom she received the Hall of fame Award in 2017.

Carroll Ann was the best friend of all horses in Woodside! After Mr. President passed away, she rode her horse Midnight throughout town especially in evening hours. If you rode or owned a horse, Carroll Ann was your best advocate on or off the Town Council!!

Carroll Ann’s wit and intelligence are appreciated by all who know her! She created amazing limericks to honor fellow members of the Town Council during special events and played in the Woodside Village Band for many years. The citizens and the horse lovers of Woodside thank and congratulate Carroll Ann for her dedication and tireless efforts to keep Woodside a rural and horse friendly community.

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