Town of Woodside Center Trail & Bridge Project


Project Description

Woodside’s Center Trail has been used by equestrians for more than 100 years, but in 2017 the combination of torrential rains and upstream natural debris washed out the equestrian bridge over Bear Gulch Creek. Center Trail is an essential link between northern and southern segments of the Woodside trail system, so equestrian organizations and individuals stepped up with the community support and funding to make this project happen.

WHOA! is proud to have donated $25,000 of the $200,000+ needed to construct the new clear span bridge and trail segment that reopened in July 2020 to once again access this important Woodside trail.

Funding Provided


Support Partners

  • Woodside Trails Club – $85,850
  • Woodside Trails Committee Donation Fund – $50,000
  • WHOA!-Woodside Horse Owners Association – $25,000
  • Mounted Patrol Foundation – $15,000
  • Woodside Community Foundation-Trails Fund – $10,000
  • CHAPS-Community Horse Advocacy Program SMC – $5,000
  • Anne Van Camp – $5,000
  • Tom Shanahan – $5,000
  • Don Pugh – $1,000

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