Kathi Dancer and Marty Raynor

Year Awarded - 2007

Horses and kids—one of Mother Nature’s most inspiring and successful partnerships! Another inspiring and successful partnership is found at Woodside’s Kiely Equestrian Center where Kathi Dancer and Marty Raynor work together sharing the many responsibilities of the Junior Riders Program. With Kathi as Horse Manager and Marty, Program Manager, they procure, maintain and organize horses, ponies, tack, volunteers and donations to provide mounts, instruction and horse show experience to one hundred youngsters each and every summer!

While the instruction program and horse show are summer events, the planning, horse-care, registration and preparation are year-round endeavors. Without the dedication and hard work of these ladies, plus support from their families, friends and volunteers, there would be a huge hole in the very fabric of Woodside life.

Thus, it is with tremendous gratitude that the WHOA! Hall of Fame Award for 2007 is presented to Kathi Dancer and Marty Raynor for selflessly investing so much and so well in Woodside’s Junior Riders; literally giving hundreds of children the opportunity to enhance their lives and empower themselves through the experience of a happy, successful partnership with a horse.

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