Town of Woodside Pedestrian/Equestrian Trail Maintenance


Project Description

Support for the Woodside Town Trail maintenance fund. A major focus of WHOA! is the preservation of the equestrian trails within and connecting to the Woodside Trail System. This system, which also adjoins and includes the Portola Valley Trail System, is unique in the region. This system connects three county parks, (Huddart Park, Wunderlich Park, and Edgewood Park) and a number of Mid-Peninsula Open Space District (MROSD) open spaces. Additionaly, the Bay Area Ridge Trail and San Francisco Watershed can also be accessed by the Woodside Trail System.

2022-2023: Recognizing the exceptional harsh effects of storm damage and winter wear on trails, the WHOA! Steering Committee dedicated a total of $15,000 to support this cause.

Funding Provided


Support Partners

  • Town of Woodside

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