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Protecting Horses, Riders and the Public

Safety and Courtesy Around Horses

Give horses a brake! For your safety and theirs, please be considerate of horses and riders as you enjoy Woodside’s rural roads and trails. Equestrians will particularly appreciate the following simple rules of horse friendly etiquette:
  • -Slow down when you see horseback riders.
  • -Give horses the right-of-way and stop to let horsemen cross the road.
  • -Please do not honk at horses; they are easily frightened by loud noises.
  • -Be considerate when in groups. Horses are unnerved by groups of bicyclists or runners.
  • -Do not obstruct roadside trails with parked cars or trucks.
  • -Make sure any trail that crosses your driveway is safe for horses; slick asphalt is dangerous.
  • -Please be aware that balloons or streamers on mailboxes or posts adjacent to trails can be frightening to horses.
Please be cautious when you encounter horses on a trail. If approaching from behind, a word to the rider is helpful for the safety of you both.

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