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Providing Guidance and Oversight

WHOA! is guided by a Steering Committee which meets monthly and decides which projects to support. Each project is overseen by a member of the Committee. Supporters assist with projects and attend quarterly meetings where projects are reviewed and new ideas are discussed.

Steering Committee


Fawni Hill

My riding experience began on our family ranch and I was helping with chores on horseback when I was eight years old. When I was old enough, I joined 4-H, rode in parades, gymkhanas and learned trick riding.


Anne Van Camp

My husband and I do mostly trail riding. with occasional dressage lessons in the ring at our home, and attend various clinics. Occasionally, we trailer to discover other places and enjoy new experiences.


Jo Egenes


Kristina Chancholo

I currently trail ride but for 22 years I rode English. For over a decade I did post injury conditioning for sport horses in Woodside, which included polo horses, trail horses, and hunter/jumpers. Over 90% of my riding has been done on the trails in Woodside.


Linda Fox

Our youngest daughter rode at a very young age. Mick and I were at the barn so much that we started riding too. We leased horses, then eventually bought our own, starting in the hunter/jumper world and evolving to western riding which we still do together 20 + years later!


Don DeFranco

I'm an overgrown 4-H kid from Ohio/Kentucky and was infected with the horse bug as a child. My family wasn't "horsey" and had no idea what to do with me ... luckily adults stepped in and made it happen for me. That's what I'm paying forward now.


Faye Brophy

I am strictly a trail rider who feels so grateful for all the wonderous wilderness trails among the redwoods & California oaks in our coastal mountain range, so readily acessible without the use of a trailer.


Phillip Whalen

I grew up in a small industrial city, so had little experience with horses or riding. Fortunately my wife Robin had grown up riding on the Peninsula, so when we moved to Woodside in 1996, she convinced me to buy our first horse and I was hooked.



Donna Poy


Fentress Hall